Simple Ways to Cut the Calories This Thanksgiving

caloriesCalories can add up, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. After all, it’s the one holiday when we’re meant to gather with our friends and family for some delicious food. This may be good news for our taste buds, but perhaps not for our waistlines. You don’t have to skip your favorite foods, though. Smart, healthy choices are easy when you arrive at dinner prepared. Here are a few tips for keeping sticking to a low-calorie meal.


When it Comes to Turkey, Stick with White Meat

Opt for the white turkey breast, rather than dark turkey meat like the thigh. You’ll save roughly 50 calories. Turkey breast has been known for being a great source of lean protein, too.


When it Comes to Casseroles, Make it with Green Beans

Green bean casserole is a holiday favorite, but it’s actually one of the lighter casseroles you can add to your array of side dishes. Plus, green beans are already low in calories and provide plenty of vitamins and minerals. Mix in some creamy mushroom soup and crispy fried onions and you have a winner.


When it Comes to Pie, Pumpkin is a Great Choice

If you’re debating between apple and pumpkin pie, you’re better off going with the pumpkin. One reason is that apple pie recipes usually call for double the crust. We won’t blame you if you truly want that slice of apple pie, though. Go for whipped toppings instead of the traditional vanilla ice cream served on top.